Veterinarian Saves Puppy That Can’t Gain Weight

See how a veterinarian saved a puppy’s life in this VPN Video of the Week.

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Jax is a 10-month-old puppy who suffers from a rare condition making it nearly impossible for him to gain any weight. Veterinarians informed Jax’s owners that surgery was necessary to save his life. However, the procedure was too expensive for the family. To witness a member of the family go through such a harrowing experience, to see him growing thinner and thinner and not have the means to save him must have been a devastating experience. Just seeing Jax's bones through his skin in this video was heartbreaking to me. But thanks to a veterinarian who goes by Dr. Matt, Jax and his family didn't have to suffer long. Dr. Matt heard of the situation and volunteered to conduct the surgery, which revealed Jax’s intestines were full of grass, dirt and mulch. Thankfully Jax is now healthy and recovering.

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