Artist Models New 'Adopt' Poster After Obama 'Hope' Image

Artist Shepard Fairey, of the Obama “Hope” poster fame, has made an “Adopt” poster in a like fashion that was inspired by his childhood mutt.

Artist Shepard Fairey, widely known for creating the Barack Obama "Hope" image, designed a poster for a new campaign that seeks to shed light on the animals up for adoption at shelters across the country.

The nationwide effort features a poster created by Fairey — the man TIME magazine named "Icon Maker" of the year — that's modeled on his Obama "Hope" poster. "The image I created for this print reminds me of a dog I had as a kid, a mutt named Honey," Fairey said.

The poster, which features a dog and the word "Adopt," was unveiled Jan. 8 at the Sunset Gallery in Los Angeles, Calif. Fairey made a brief appearance at the media event and told reporters that he's glad to be able to help in any way for shelter pets to find homes. He added that  the new campaign presents "a great chance for shelter animals."

By teaming with Fairey, hopes to encourage people to go out to a local shelter and adopt a pet.

Dr. Pia Salk, spokesperson, said that adopting a pet means saving a life, and with more family pets being displaced as a result of home foreclosures, there's an urgency to give homeless animals new homes. Now, Fairey has made an icon out of the American mutt, proving that a mutt is a masterpiece, she said.

The "Adopt" dog poster is available for download and distribution at, a website inspired by Obama's recent comment about how his family's new puppy would likely be "a mutt like me." The image also will be distributed to 7,000 shelters across the country to promote the cause.

"On the heels of Obama's comment, I got a call from Pia Salk, an animal advocate who works with North America's largest non-profit pet adoption website," Fairey said.

"Pia simply asked if I might be willing to collaborate on a way to have my art help these animals."


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