You Asked For It: More Crazy X-Rays

The annual They Ate WHAT? contest yielded lots more interesting entries that didn’t make the magazine.

The contents of Allie's stomach.

The 2014 annual "They Ate WHAT?!", sponsored by Trupanion, was a huge success, and one of the entries even took the Internet by storm. We received a lot of entries and couldn't fit them all into the magazine. Check out some of the other entries we received. 

A Cat Ate What?!

The X-ray showing a cat who had eaten elastic bands

Matthew Schroeder
DVM Crossroads Veterinary Hospital
Painesville, Ohio

Allie's stomach contents

The contents of Allie's stomach.

A 2-year-old female spayed feline presented with vomiting and inappetance of 1 week duration. Abdominal palpation revealed an indistinct soft tissue mass in the cranial abdomen which required radiography.

Radiographs revealed a stomach full of mineral opacity linear foreign material. Small intestines look moderately twisted and potentially plicated. Rest of abdomen within normal limits.

Abdominal exploratory resulted in the removal of many large black hair-tie type rubber bands coated w/ fabric from the stomach. The owner recalled that the family was missing a large number of elastic headbands. Further examination revealed five to 10 large-sized black elastics that had been consumed by the feline patient. She made a full recovery.

Kitten Meets Eye Dropper

Kitten eyedropper

Dale Paley

Coastal Vet Emergency Clinic

Jacksonville, N.C.

A 7-week-old, 1.5 pound kitten was brought in. Radiographs revealed a 3-inch-long eyedropper in the kitten. A 20-minute surgical procedure retrieved the eyedropper and the kitten had a great recovery.

This is akin to an adult human swallowing a sword!

How Not To Spoon-Feed A Dog

X-Ray of spoon inside a dog

Kristy Langhoff, DVM

Castlerock Veterinary Hospital

Marshfield, Wis.

The owner of a 10-year-old Lab mix shared his macaroni and cheese with the dog the night before.  The morning of presentation he had begun vomiting and was uncomfortable. 

The dog did very well after his surgery to remove this foreign body and the owners are now much more careful about how they feed him!

The Dog Who Tried To Sew

Leslie Baird, DVM

Euharlee Animal Clinic

Cartersville, Ga.

A 6-month-old Chihuahua pup, 1.8 lbs, presented for a one-week history of vomiting after eating, decreased appetite and episodes of intermittent whining and discomfort. The pup was dehydrated, thin, with a tense and painful cranial abdominal palpation.

Radiographs were taken.  A long sewing needle could be seen in the cranial abdomen.

In surgery, we found that the needle had partially come out of the stomach and the sharp end was pointing caudally, not puncturing anything.  The eye of the needle was still in the stomach, with a long thread attached.  The needle was removed, and several Enterotomy incisions had to be made to remove the attached thread.

The pup did great, and recovered uneventfully.

A Dog And A Pacifier


Dr. Samantha Moffitt

Fredericksburg Regional Veterinary Emergency Center

Fredericksburg, Va.

We performed a gastrotomy and four enterotomies. Her recovery was slow but she made a full recovery. Luna, a 7-year-old old English sheepdog, presented for vomiting and a painful abdomen. She had ingested a gastric foreign body–a pacifier as seen on the lateral view. She also had severe plication of her entire small intestines due to draw string from shorts and plastic pieces from a hamster home.

A Dog's Pension For Pins

Phalen Ontiveros, DVM
Crossroads Veterinary Hospital
Gilbert, Arizona

Riley, a 10-month-male neutered golden retriever, was evaluated for possible ingestion of lapel pins from the owner’s collection. The digital radiograph of the abdomen revealed multiple metal foreign objects in stomach and duodenum.  Most of the lapel pins were small and appeared that they could pass.

The dog was treated with a high fiber diet and prescribed antibiotics as a precaution.

One month later he represented for ingesting a small  watch battery – no pins were noted in the digital radiograph of the abdomen at that time. He appeared to have a complete recovery from both incidents.

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