Which pooch can run the fastest?

by samantha_ashenhurst | January 19, 2023 12:12 pm

While most have their guesses about which dogs run the fastest, new data compiled by Newmarket Today ranks dog breeds by top speed.[1]While most have their guesses about which dogs run the fastest, new data compiled by Newmarket Today ranks dog breeds by top speed.

Not surprisingly, the greyhound[2] placed No. 1, achieving speeds of 72.4 km (45 mi) per hour. The lithe, muscular breed, which is known for its swiftness, has long been used as a hunter and, of course, a racing dog. Indeed, many groups across Canada work to facilitate the adoption of retired racing greyhounds, including Greyhound Pets of America – Canada[3], Finding Loving Greyhounds Homes Together & Salukis (FLIGHTS)[4], and Irish Greyhound Adoption Nova Scotia[5].

The second speediest dog is a fellow sighthound, the Saluki[6]. With its long legs and lean build, this breed can reach speeds of 69 km (43 mi) per hour.

Rounding out the top five is the hyperactive Ibizan hound[7], the supremely swift Afghan hound[8], and the lively Vizsla[9], all of which can reach top speeds of 64 km (40 mi) per hour.

To view the complete rankings, click here[10].

Written with files from Newmarket Today[11].

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