Which parliamentary pet is the cutest?

by samantha_ashenhurst | May 18, 2023 9:50 am

From a therapy-dog-in-training to a cat with extra thumbs to a bilingual axolotl, nine pets across five species have been announced as finalists for the first-ever Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI)[3] “Cutest Pets on Parliament Hill” contest.

“We received a lot of phenomenal entries from parliamentarians, senators, staffers, and members of the press gallery on Parliament Hill, who submitted photos and some amazing stories about their beloved pets,” CAHI said in a statement. “Our panel of judges had the incredibly difficult task of narrowing it down to the top three in each category.”

Canadians are invited to vote for their favourite in three categories: Cutest Dog, Cutest Cat, and Cutest Other Pet.

Finalists were selected by:

“Our non-partisan panel was made up of experts who spend their days surrounded by cute pets, working hard to improve the lives of Canadian dogs, cats, and other pets in communities that face challenges with access to veterinary care,” CAHI says.

Will the winner be Sprocket? Monsieur Rameau? Petunia the regal chicken?

Voting closes June 5 at 9 a.m. EST. For more, click here[6].

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