Virbac To Launch Pet Dental Campaign

Virbac Animal Health of Fort Worth, Texas, reported Dec. 15 that it will launch its “Clean Every Tooth Pet Home Dental Care

Virbac Animal Health of Fort Worth, Texas, reported Dec. 15 that it will launch its “Clean Every Tooth Pet Home Dental Care” campaign in January to help educate pet owners on the importance of making their pet’s dental health part of their daily routine.

The campaign, which will provide veterinarians with client education materials supports the annual National Pet Dental Month in February.

“Professional dental cleanings are vital,” said Denise Skurdalsvold, senior marketing manager for Virbac. “And we’ve now learned that home care, in-between cleanings, is also critical to protect a pet’s teeth and overall health. With C.E.T. [Clean Every Tooth], it’s our hope that prevention of dental disease will become as natural to pet owners as vaccinations and heartworm prevention.”

The C.E.T. Pet Home Dental Care allows veterinarians to recommend the most appropriate home dental care program based on each patient’s stage of disease and the owner’s ability to comply with recommendations. For example, a home dental program may include C.E.T. Chews, Aquadent Drinking Water Additive and/or tooth brushing.

The C.E.T. “3 Easy Options” to dental health touts: Good to Chew, Better to Rinse, Best to Brush.

“By recommending daily care, veterinarians are helping feline and canine patients live longer, happier, healthier lives,” Skurdalsvold said. “In the process, they’re keeping clients happy in knowing their pets are in better health.

“C.E.T. educational materials and products for clients make it easy for veterinary practices to expand their dental care expertise to a year-round program.”

In related news, Virbac Animal Health has launched two new dental chapters in Virbac University’s online C.E.T. Pet Dental Care Module: “Chapter 5: Developing the Dental Wellness Team” and “Chapter 6: Building Dental Compliance.”

Chapter 5 will be presented by Curt Coffman, DVM, Dipl. AVDC, and Andrew Rosenfeld, DVM, Dipl. ABVP. The course uses the basic steps of a typical pet dental case to walk participants through the development, implementation and evaluation of a well-run dental program.

Chapter 6 will also be presented by Drs. Coffman and Rosenfeld, in addition to Joey Mistler, LVT. The course expands the meaning of dental compliance to include adherence to a recommended course of treatment by both pet owners and the hospital team.

Continuing education credit is available.

Click here to view available courses.

Virbac University also offers continuing education courses in heartworm prevention, dermatology, canine hypothyroidism, intestinal parasites and developing medical compliance.


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