Vetoquinol USA Acquires Vet Solutions

Vetoquinol USA of Buena, N.J., has acquired the assets of Vet Solutions L.P. of Fort Worth, Texas, are in a bid to bolster its product offerings

In a bid to bolster its product offerings, Vetoquinol USA of Buena, N.J., has acquired the assets of Vet Solutions L.P. of Fort Worth, Texas.

“The acquisition combines the veterinary market expertise, diverse product lines and technical resources of two progressive, nimble companies that together will be in an even better position to support veterinarians and bring innovative products to the industry,” said Tom Robitaille, group director of Vetoquinol’s North American operations.

Vetoquinol’s ethical product line includes anti-infectives, anti-inflammatories, cardiology products, nephrology products and nutraceuticals; Vet Solutions’ products include dermatologicals, nutritional supplements, cleansers, disinfectants, and oral hygiene and odor control products.

The resultant larger company will be a more attractive partner for product developers for future joint ventures and strategic alliances, Robitaille said.

“It’s been my experience that the bigger you become, the more opportunities come your way,” said Dan Schildgen, formerly Vet Solutions president and principal and now director of business and new product development for Vetoquinol. “Having access to the global reach and resources of Vetoquinol will allow us to accelerate and expand our product development efforts. We’re stronger and more efficient together. In the end, that will lead to more products and innovations for veterinary medicine.”

Vetoquinol USA’s parent is Vetoquinol, a French-based animal health company with 1,200 employees in 17 countries and annual sales of $260 million.

As part of the deal, Vet Solutions’ other two principals have also joined Vetoquinol. Steve Dowling has been named director of marketing for veterinary marketing and Florida-based Mike Drew was named regional manager for veterinary sales.

Schildgen and Dowling will report to Ian Parker, general manager of Vetoquinol USA; Drew reports to Rich Shavelson, the company’s director of sales.

In addition, Vet Solutions’ 14 sales representatives have been offered positions with Vetoquinol, doubling its U.S. sales force.

While Vetoquinol’s headquarters will remain in Buena, warehousing and logistics for the merged company will be consolidated in Fort Worth, the company reported.

It will take longer to merge marketing efforts. The company will maintain separate booths at both the North American Veterinary Conference and Western Veterinary Conference, but hopes to offer some joint promotions.

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