Toronto, Montreal top dogs for canines

Three Canadian locales landed in the top 25 of the most dog-friendly cities in the world

The Great White North loves its dogs.

This is according to insurance company, Coya. In honour of International Dog Day (Aug. 26), the group has released the 2020 Best Cities for Dogs Index, calculating the most canine-friendly cities around the world.

The study looked at 50 municipalities cited previously as positive places for dogs and analyzed them based on three main factors:

  • infrastructure;
  • cost; and
  • regulation and ownership.

Toronto and Montreal both scored quite well, taking the ninth and 16th spots, respectively. Additionally, Vancouver, B.C., placed 23rd.

San Francisco, Calif., topped the overall list, scoring high in the categories of dog-friendly restaurants, lifetime costs, and number of dog parks. Other American cities that secured a place in the top 10 include Seattle, Wash. (no. 2) and Chicago, Ill. (no. 8).

“While it’s true a furry friend can be happy in any city, as long as it’s well taken care of and loved by its owner, it’s also a fact that it’s far more enjoyable for a dog to live in a city with plentiful green spaces, responsible pet owners, and plenty of puppy pals to play with,” says Coya’s founder and CEO, Andrew Shaw. “We conducted this study to help inform dog lovers and owners alike about the dog-friendliness of their local cities, and how they may compare to others around the world.”

For more on the study, click here.

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