‘Time-killer’ elimination focus of new eBook

VPNextGen’s “Laser Focus” eBook offers strategies for how to improve productivity

Veterinary professionals and students looking to minimize distractions and maximize productivity may benefit from VPNextGen’s latest eBook offering.

Now available for download, “Laser Focus” offers practical tips and strategies for how to stay focused and effectively scratch items off a to-do list.

Specifically, upon competition of the audio eBook, listeners will be armed with the tools needed to:

  • Identify time-killers and minimize distractions
  • Practice deep work techniques to improve focus
  • Create a four-week action plan to bolster productivity

“Laser Focus” is one of many audio eBooks from VPNextGen, offering insights on a range of topics. Other topics available include social media strategies, brand management, stress relief, and more. To check out the complete library, click here.

Powered by Veterinary Practice News, VPNextGen is a professional development program, curated to veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians (RVTs) at every stage of their career. For more on VPNextGen, click here.

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