Survey: Animal Charities Hopeful Of Meeting Year-End Fundraising Goals

Many charities are bracing for a drop in year-end gifts because of the economic slump, according to a survey by Charity Navigator, which evaluates nonprofit groups.

Survey respondents indicated that year-end gifts, roughly from Thanksgiving to New Year's, account for more than one-fourth of their annual take.

Still, 50 percent of animal charities are somewhat confident that they will reach their year-end goal, according to the survey. Thirty-two percent reported they are not very confident and 8 percent are not confident at all. Only 3 percent feel completely confident and 7 percent feel very confident.

Religion charities expressed the most complete confidence (10 percent) while international charities expressed the least (15 percent).

Many charities appear to be less aggressive with their goals this year, according to Charity Navigator.

The median charity anticipates a decline of 15 percent in year-end giving compared to a year ago. International charities predict the largest decline (a median of 20 percent), while animals, arts, culture, humanities and health charities forecast the smallest drop (a median of 10 percent), according to the survey.

Of the charities that anticipate a drop, the median value reported is $72,000. International charities report the biggest expected decline (a median of $125,000), while environment charities report the least (a median of $32,500).

In related news, Charity Navigator noted that online giving may be stronger during the holidays than other types of giving, probably because of the convenience.

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