Spay A Pet, Save A Life

December 1, 2009

Ever have a hard time convincing pet owners to spay their cat or dog?  You might want to share some compelling numbers with them. It actually might help you save your patient’s life.

Since spaying prevents mammary tumors, should a patient with mammary tumors be spayed? That question remains controversial. However, it would clearly eliminate the risk of pyometra.

One stubborn urban legend holds that pets are better off going through one heat cycle. As a surgeon, I hear this all the time. Veterinarians know better, as many scientific studies show the evidence.

There are very few cancers we can actually prevent. Mammary cancer is one of them.  As an added bonus, we can prevent a few other rare tumors of the reproductive tract and pyometra.

To me, spaying should not be considered a routine, elective, boring, price-shopped surgery. Spaying can be a life-saving procedure. Beyond that, of course, spaying and neutering obviously can help curtail pet overpopulation.

So consider yourself a life-saver next time you spay a patient!

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