Purchases Made Through Intervet Site Benefit Shelters

Shelters benefit from all purchases made through intervet site.

Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health launched a new website on June 2 for its Bring Pets Home shelter animal foundation, which will educate pet owners on safety and wellness and serve as a source of revenue for U.S. animal shelters.

The website allows the general public to donate to a registered shelter of their choice by making purchases at shops such as Macy’sAmazon.com and Drugstore. Site visitors make purchases from the participating retailers through the Bring Pets Home website, and select a shelter, to which a portion of their purchase will be donated.

“This is great for veterinarians and their clients because it doesn’t cost the purchaser anything to donate. They simply make the same purchases they would have made anyway, but through the Bring Pets Home site,” says Linda Block, marketing director for Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health. “The site launched in 2007, but we retooled it to offer more educational resources to promote responsible pet ownership.”

The company hopes to keep owned animals out of shelters through the education provided on the site, since finding animals’ owners further draws from the revenue that could be used to help homeless animals.

“Shelters don’t need to pay a fee or do anything more than register to begin earning revenue through the site,” Block said.

The new website contains photos, blog links, information on volunteering and videos. The website is also now on Facebook in an effort to generate additional interest. The company hopes the site helps veterinarians by serving as an education source for their clients’ general pet health questions and interest in shelter involvement.



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