Partnership Brings New Pet Treats To Veterinary Market

Gourmetceuticals LLC and Curamedics Pharmaceuticals Inc. will co-develop animal treats for dogs and horses alike.

As part of a new licensing agreement, culinary technology company Gourmetceuticals LLC of Big Horn, Wyo., and Curamedics Pharmaceuticals Inc. of South Plainfield, N.J., will co-develop animal treats for canines and equines.

Distribution channels have not been determined, but it’s likely the products will first be available through veterinary clinics and possibly move to pet stores sometime thereafter, a Gourmetceuticals spokeswoman said.

The treats will include Gourmetceuticals’ ingredients, PPL-240, an antioxidant with photoprotective properties, and GLPH-1, an immune booster.

Royalties will be paid to Gourmetceuticals upon the sale of products, which are expected to launch nationally in 2009.

Further details of the agreement have not yet been disclosed.


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