Ontario virtual veterinary market welcomes new player

Telus Health says its new app is not intended to replace in-person veterinary exams or care

Telus Health has launched Telus Health MyPet in the Heartland Province.A familiar face has entered Ontario’s virtual veterinary sphere.

Telus Health has launched Telus Health MyPet in the Heartland Province. The virtual pet care platform, which was introduced in British Columbia last August, connects local veterinarians with dog and cat owners, providing care and expertise on a range of health issues, including nutritional management, parasite control, behavioural challenges, and even the prescription of certain medications.

The service, Telus says, is not intended to replace in-person physical exams, vaccinations, or tests. Rather, it is a complementary platform available to support pet owners in Ontario with preventive healthcare and non-urgent medical interventions.

“The reality right now in clinical veterinarian practice is we simply don’t have the time we once did to consult with our clients in great depth, and, with the overall shortage of veterinarians across the country, brick-and-mortar clinics are under continual strain to provide services,” says Telus Health MyPet’s lead veterinarian, Koharik Arman, DVM. “By offering non-emergent cases the care they need through a virtual platform, we can reduce some of the stress on clinics and help provide some much-needed flexibility and time management support, which will ultimately provide vets more balance between work and home life.”

According to a 2021 Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) survey of pet owners, nearly 75 per cent of telemedicine appointments can be treated solely through virtual care, reports Telus. The platform aims to ensure pet owners have access to sufficient support—particularly those who live in remote areas or whose pets do not travel well in vehicles.

“Patient-centric, high-quality virtual care should be available to all members of our family, including our beloved dogs and cats,” says Telus Health’s chief growth officer, Juggy Sihota.

The app is free to download for iOS and Android smartphones, and consultations with Ontario-based veterinarians are charged on a per-session basis. All veterinarians in the province working through Telus Health MyPet are affiliated with Toronto-based Pet Telemedicine Veterinary Care.

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