North Carolina Vet College Seeks Pets For Clinical Trials

Companion animals are being sought for clinical trials being run by the North Carolina State University of Veterinary Medicine.

The North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine is looking for companion animals to take part in the following clinical trials:

NOTE: Most of these studies offer medical treatments, diagnostics and other compensation for participation

• Keppra (Levetiracetam) study in dogs with epilepsy: The college is recruiting dogs affected by idiopathic epilepsy for this double-blind, placebo controlled drug study. Dogs must be on therapeutic levels of anticonvulsants and still have four or more seizures per month. Recruitment ends March 1. For more information, e-mail

• Multi-drug resistance in herding dogs: The college is recruiting collies, Australian shepherds and Shetland sheepdogs for this MDR-1 study. Dogs must have epilepsy and be on therapeutic levels of anticonvulsants. Recruitment ends May 1. For more information, e – mail

• Cats with high grade gastrointestinal lymphoma: Cats diagnosed with high-grade lymphoma isolated to the gastrointestinal region are being recruited for a study to examine the effects of abdominal radiation therapy following induction chemotherapy. Recruitment ends March 1. For more information, e-mail

• Dogs with lymphoma for a study of cardiac function: The two-year study is being conducted to determine whether cardiac changes may be present in dogs with lymphoma. It will enroll 25 dogs with lymphoma and 25 healthy control dogs matched by breed, age and gender to compare their heart function. Recruitment ends Aug. 1. For more information, e – mail


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