New York Groomers May Face Licensing

Two new bills may require groomers to obtain licenses in the state of New York if passed.

Groomers in New York might face additional regulation if the state Legislature approves a bill being considered. A9102 and S2569 would require groomers to obtain licenses; set certain animal-care standards; and require record-keeping for all animals.

Under the legislation, the secretary of state would establish a training and testing program for anyone wishing to obtain a groomers license. Applicants must be at least 16 years old, have received at least a 10th grade education and be “of good moral character.”

Registration renewal would cost $20 every two years.

The bill defines a pet groomer as “an individual, licensed as a pet groomer who bathes, brushes, clips or styles a pet for financial payment.”

Additionally, the bill would require yearly inspections of grooming facilities, and it would prohibit groomers from using a “drying cage” or leaving pets unattended. Groomers must also ask pet owners if the animal has any special needs and who its veterinarian is.

New York’s legislature reconvenes in the second week of January.


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