New Program Provides Immunization Support Guarantee

The Immunization Support Guarantee program, created by Pfizer Animal Health, protects veterinarians financially in case of an immunization failure.

Pfizer Animal Health has implemented an Immunization Support Guarantee program that gives veterinarians financial protection in the event of an immunization failure.

The program covers diagnostic and treatment costs up to $5,000 if a dog or cat vaccinated with a Pfizer antigen contracts the corresponding disease. It includes coverage for up to four years on core antigens and up to one year on most non-core antigens.

“While no manufacturer can guarantee exactly how a pet will respond to a vaccine, our company can guarantee how we will support you, your clients and your patients, should the need arise,” said Amy Trettien, DVM, manager, veterinary operations, Pfizer Animal Health.

The immunization support guarantee includes the following pathogens for up to four years:

• Canine distemper virus
• Canine parvovirus
• Canine adenovirus 1 & 2 (infectious canine hepatitis)
• Canine parainfluenza virus
• Feline parvovirus (feline panleukopenia)
• Feline herpesvirus-1
• Feline calicivirus

The pathogens that are covered for up to one year include:

• Leptospira (L. icterohemorrhagiae, L. canicola, L. grippotyphosa, L. pomona)
• Bordetella bronchiseptica
• Canine coronavirus
• Chlamydia psittaci (chlamydophila felis)
• Feline leukemia virus

Pfizer said it is not proposing that the industry move to a four-year cycle between immunizations.

“It is Pfizer’s belief that vaccination and vaccination intervals are important medical decisions best made by the veterinarian after assessing the patient’s health, potential disease exposure and vaccine risks,” Dr. Trettien said.

For more information on the full terms conditions, contact Veterinary Medical Investigations and Product Support by calling (800) 366-5288 or visit the Vets Only section at


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