New Business Sends Vet Techs To Homes For Follow-Up Care

Pet Home Health Agency LLC was started by Charlene Overcash.

Charlene Overcash, a registered nurse who spent about eight years in the human home health industry, has started Pet Home Health Agency LLC in New York.

Similar to a visiting nurse service, the agency employs three veterinary technicians. Among its services are postoperative care, diet control, blood glucose monitoring, insulin injections, medicine management and subcutaneous infusions and dressing changes.

Overcash, a self-described animal lover, said she applied her business management skills as a home nurse to the new business. For pet health guidance, she consulted the Animal Medical Center of New York and NYC Veterinary Specialists.

“I found there is a huge gap from what pet owners are taught to do at discharge, such as after a surgery, to what is being done at home until the following checkup,” she said.

Client referrals are made by veterinarians in New York City and parts of New Jersey. The veterinary technician visits a home, provides the services and faxes to the veterinarian a form detailing the work and client education.

Overcash said pet owners, especially the elderly, welcome the in-home visits.


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