Merial Obtains Rights To Imugene Vector Technology

Merial has obtained exclusive rights to the Imugene vector technology.

In a new agreement to commence Dec. 31, Merial will obtain exclusive rights to Imugene vector technology.

Imugene is an Australian-based company that specializes in the development and commercialization of animal health products for pigs and poultry.

Under the agreement, Merial will develop vaccine candidates from Imugene’s portfolio through the product development process to global sales. Additional vaccine candidates will be evaluated for proof of concept and, if successful, will also progress into the product development process.

Specifically, the terms of the agreement include the Poultry Productivity Enhancer previously sublicensed to Merial, which will now move forward with other FAV (Fowl Adeno Virus) and PAV (Porcine Adeno Virus) vectored vaccine candidates already researched by Imugene and additional vaccine candidates to be disclosed by Merial.

Imugene has received an initial payment for future research and the reimbursement of past research fees.

“We are very pleased to enter this new phase of our relationship with Imugene,” said Bob Nordgren, global head of Merial Biologics. “This exclusive strategic alliance and licensing agreement gives Merial access to important technology for our innovation of new approaches that could allow our veterinarian customers innovative means for managing important, poorly controlled diseases of swine and poultry.

“Our relationship dates back to the very beginning of Imugene as a company, and we are confident that Imugene’s adenoviral vectors have significant commercial potential for driving the development of important new products in animal health.”


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