Koi Herpes Virus Outbreak Reported In Belgium

Two outbreaks of koi herpes virus have been reported by the OIE in Belgium.

The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) reported July 24 that two outbreaks of koi herpes virus disease had occured in Belgium.

The OIE considers the cases resolved, despite gaps in information provided by Belgium veterinary officials, including the number of cases, the source of the outbreak, and the morbidity, mortality and fatality rates.  

Both outbreaks occurred in private ponds, one in Familleureux, Hainaut, and the other in Oheye, Namur. The species identified was Carpe koi (Cyprinus carpio koi).  The source of the outbreak remains unknown, although the OIE suspects the virus may have been present in carrier fish and reactivated after spawning.

Various control measures  were  applied, including disinfection of the premises, official destruction of clinically diseased animals, and the official disposal of carcasses, by-products and waste.

In addition, vaccination was prohibited and no affected animals were treated.

The outbreaks began June 16. Polymerase chain reaction tests and virus isolation confirmed the two outbreaks on June 19 and July 15.  The outbreaks were reoccurances of the reportable disease, last identified in Belgium in 1999. 


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