Imulan Signs Vet Cancer Agreement With ImmunoPhotonics

A new licensing agreement has been reached between Imulan BioTherapeutics LLC and ImmunoPhotonics Inc.

Craig Woods, DVM, MS, MBA (left) of Imulan and Tomas Hode, Ph.D. of ImmunoPhotonics Inc., sign a veterinary cancer agreement at Veterinary Cancer Therapeautics Headquarters in St. Joseph, Mo.

Photo courtesy of Imulan BioTherapeutics, LLC

Imulan BioTherapeutics LLC of St. Joseph, Mo., recently signed an exclusive licensing agreement for ImmunoPhotonics Inc.’s apSTAR, a new laser device for cancer.

apSTAR, named after Autologous Patient Specific Tumor Antigen Response, is a patented medical device technology that uses a specific laser wavelength to liberate tumor specific antigens and activate an immune response against the tumor cells. The companies indicate that studies have shown that the device improves the rate of primary and metastatic tumor regression and induce long term tumor immunity.

Imulan’s new oncology division, Veterinary Cancer Therapeutics, has already started establishing cancer centers around the country using the apSTAR medical device technology.

“We are very excited to be working with ImmunoPhotonics to advance this simple, yet comprehensive oncology breakthrough,” said Craig Woods, DVM, chief executive officer of Imulan and Veterinary Cancer Therapeutics. “The apSTAR laser will help shift the emphasis towards immune-based therapies and away from cytotoxic drug or radiation therapy for many types of cancer.”

The device is currently available on a limited basis in the United States, with full scale production scheduled for later this year.

ImmunoPhotonics is based in Roseland, Va.


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