Holistic Approach To Vaccination

Christina Chambreau believes owners should have a choice between vaccinating and a titer.

Christina Chambreau, DVM, a holistic veterinarian with Healthy Animals, Healthy People in Sparks, Md., says responsible pet owners should be given the option of a titer versus vaccinating, or wait longer between vaccines.

“If a veterinarian is concerned about being penalized when a vaccine is forgone, they can always have the client sign a document relieving the veterinarian of malice if the animal does (however unlikely) contract the virus,” Dr. Chambreau says.

“If you talk to 100 holistic vets, 90 would say vaccines cause problems. I have conducted in-house, long-term tests to determine ailments–to find problems would occur a couple of weeks after being given a vaccine.

“The problem is, in the U.S. we want results fast–have the dog vaccinated and check it off the list. But issues don’t always happen in 48 hours and by the time a problem does occur, vaccines aren’t considered as a culprit. If we have a cough, we take cough medicine and expect it to be cured immediately, but things don’t work that way in reality and things don’t always go wrong immediately, either.”

Chambreau says 70 percent of the chronic problems she treats are caused by vaccines and they include just about everything, including cancer.

“There are websites dedicated to this topic, such as rabieschallengefund.org,” Chambreau says. “At annual American Holistic Veterinary Medicine Assn. conferences, this is always a topic.

“Little has changed as far as awareness of this issue in 10 years, but maybe with more exposure, things will change.”

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3 thoughts on “Holistic Approach To Vaccination

  1. We are looking to hire a holistic veterinarian. The Allopathic veterinarians have caused so much chronic illness from over vaccination. We suffered as our pets suffered and the allopathic veterinarians laughed all the way to the bank. We are willing to pay for holistic, homeopathic or naturopathic veterinarian services. Everywhere i go, I see young dogs, with severe chronic issues caused by overvaccination. Enough is enough. No more chemical toxic vaccines, no more chemical prescriptions and no more over the counter chemicals. Sick of seeing so many sick young pets that get treated with more and more chemicals and get sicker and sicker, suffer more and more and it ends up in cancer. This is morally unacceptable. Many pet owners are so angry at their allopathic veterinarians for lying to them. I know this is the same with allopathic human medical doctors, allopathic is all about profit, sales people selling for Big Pharma, and the hell with health. Fortunately there are many more effective alternatives. Only need any medical doctor during an emergency. But for general preventative health, an allopathic doctor or veterinarian does not know about real health. I have called and interviewed possible hires and when questioning their knowledge of holistic, homeopathic or naturopathic health care, they fail at most everything. Who to hire?

  2. I agree with you, but had one of my vets call the cops on me!!! My new vet called the health department, and they will not support titer for rabies, and titer for other shots are so high!!!! So they have me up against a wall!!! So I spread out the shots and never get double duty coverage in one shot!There is nothing else i can do. I use filtered water, no flee and tick meds. Mix a high grade of food with human food and hope for the best!!

  3. I Agree holistic veterinarian is the best way to get the best medical health for a pet. I have called and interviewed possible hires and when questioning their knowledge of Nutritional, herbal, spiritual, holistic, homeopathic or naturopathic health care, they fail and if your lucky to find a conventional vet “that actually cares” and has not been indoctrinated by Pharma, the commercialized veterinarian system; which is based on getting as much money out of a pet owner using the pet owners emotional attachment to the Pet, they don’t last long they are pushed out.Conventional vets are a racket now a days. It was not always this way.

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