Hartville rolls out Complete Coverage insurance

The new Complete Coverage offering from ASPCA Pet Health Insurance launched in November

Everything from behavioral issues to major illnesses is eligible for veterinary care under the new Complete Coverage offering from ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.

Hartville Pet Insurance Group of Akron, Ohio, launched the plan in November.

Policyholders may take their enrolled cat or dog to any veterinarian in the United States or Canada. Pet owners submit the bill and are reimbursed 70 to 90 percent, depending on the selected policy.

“Complete Coverage is a simple plan that covers all the important stuff and more, including exam fees, diagnostics, alternative therapies and treatments,” spokeswoman Liz Watson said.

Complete Coverage pays for the treatment of hereditary and congenital conditions, such as heart disease and hip dysplasia, but only if symptoms arise after the policy goes into effect.

Other coverage areas include:

  • Accidents, including torn ligaments, broken bones and foreign-object ingestion.
  • Major and minor illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, allergies and hypothyroidism.
  • Behavioral issues such as anxiety or compulsive disorders.

Pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures and breeding services are excluded.

The owner of a female Labrador retriever puppy living in Portland, Ore., would pay $46.18 a month for the Complete Coverage plan, assuming a $5,000 annual limit, 90 percent reimbursement and $250 annual deductible, the ASPCA insurance website showed.

A 6-year-old mixed-breed male cat living in Boston would be covered for $25.03 a month with a $10,000 annual limit, 70 percent reimbursement and $500 annual deductible.

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