Finding strays forever homes focus of new resource

Ontario SPCA has launched a free online tool, aimed at improving the behaviour of shelter animals to increase their chance of being adopted

The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Humane Society (Ontario SPCA) has introduced a digital resource designed to help match homeless pets with their forever homes.

The organization has launched a new section of its website titled, ‘Environmental needs and behavioural health.’ The free resource arms shelter professionals with practical tips for how to improve the behavioural health of animals by focusing on their mental and emotional needs. The tool also offers behavioural training advice for pet-owning families to lessen the chance of animals being surrendered.

“Our goal is to enhance the comfort of the animals in our care and ensure they have a humane and healthy environment, whether that’s in an animal shelter or in a home,” says Ontario SPCA chief veterinary officer, Magdalena Smrdelj, DVM. “We invite everyone involved in animal care at all levels to consider the emotional and mental well-being of our animal friends.”

Developed by animal health and behaviour professionals, the recommendations are designed to maximize accessibility and usefulness for all animal caregivers.

Content includes:

  • enrichment activities for cats, dogs, and small animals;
  • suggestions for animal training and behaviour modification;
  • tips for recognizing animal stress and how to reduce it; and
  • guidelines for ideal housing.

To access the tool, click here.

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