FeLV Study Underway

A new study on FeLV is being undertaken but Imulan BioTherapeutics LLC.

Imulan BioTherapeutics LLC of Prescott, Ariz., has begun a multi-site clinical trial to further assess the effect of lymphocyte T-cell immunomodulator (LTCI) in cats with feline leukemia virus.

The company recently commercialized LTCI as a conditionally licensed treatment aid for cats infected with FeLV and feline immunodeficiency virus and the associated symptoms of lymphopenia, opportunistic infection, anemia, granulocytopenia or thrombocytopenia.

“[LTCI] is a potent regulator of lymphocyte production and function and has been shown to increase lymphocyte numbers and interleukin-2 production in animals,” said Craig Woods, DVM, chief executive officer of Imulan. “Lymphocytes and interleukin-2 play a pivotal role in eliciting an immune response against viruses. Imulan believes this immunological approach will be far more effective than metabolic drug approaches, none of which are approved for feline viral infections.”


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