FDA Launches Pet Health And Safety Widget

A new widget on pet health and safety has been launched by the FDA.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched a pet health and safety widget on Dec. 8 as part of an ongoing effort to provide timely, user-friendly, public health information.

Website administrators can embed widgets in Web pages or blogs to display featured content, in this case pet health and safety information provided by the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine. It allows consumers to view the information without having to visit the FDA’s website.

“We have a lot of information, a lot of important advice, and it’s very important for FDA to share that with the community that cares for pets,” said Joshua Sharfstein, M.D., FDA’s principal deputy commissioner.

Specifically, the FDA’s pet health and safety widget will display such topics as how to report a problem with pet food, purchasing pet drugs online, and caring for pets in a disaster. The widget has two tabs, one titled “tips” and, the other, “updates.” The tips tab highlights pet health and safety articles. The updates tab will provide up-to-the-minute recall notices and veterinary drug news for consumers.

Click here for the pet health and safety widget.


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