Entries Being Accepted For “They Ate WHAT?” X-ray Contest

The 4th Annual “They Ate WHAT?” X-ray contest is now accepting entries.

Last year's Grand prize professional category winner was Gregory Rich, DVM of West Esplanade Veterinary Clinic in Metairie, La. A 12-foot-long, 65-pound Burmese python ate a heating blanket with a rabbit that was on it.

Veterinary Practice News magazine’s fourth annual “They ate WHAT?” radiograph contest is accepting entries.

The popular competition highlights the surprising variety of non-edible objects that veterinarians discover in their patients. 

Radiographs must have been taken in 2007 or later and must be submitted electronically to VPNeditor@bowtieinc.com. They must be accompanied by a 100-word explanation of the case and the submitter’s name, clinic address and telephone number.

Previous years’ entries have included cats, dogs, reptiles, birds and various large animals whose radiographs disclosed dietary indiscretions involving knives, paper-towel holders, sewing needles, jewelry, rubber ducks, rocks and Super Balls, among an amazing variety of objects.

The first-place winner will receive a digital single-lens reflex camera. Two runners-up will get digital point-and-shoot cameras.

Eklin Medical Systems Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif., is again sponsoring the contest.

“Sponsoring the annual VPN contest is one of our yearly highlights,” said Gary R. Cantu, chairman and chief executive officer of Eklin. 

“With the proliferation of digital technology over the past few years, we expect to see many well-defined cases presenting an even greater variety of findings. Based on the last three winners, it will be interesting to see how many snake cases are submitted and what they ate.”

Click here to view the 2008 contest winners and honorable mentions.

Entries become the property of BowTie News, a division of BowTie Inc., which reserves the right, without further consideration, to use all photos and text in any publication, media and related promotions. By submitting your materials, you agree that your contact information may be given to a contest sponsor, which may use the information for marketing purposes. You further agree that your photo, text, name, and city and state may be posted on BowTie-owned websites and, in the case of the winner, on sponsor websites as well.


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