Digital World Has Big Impact On Vet Professionals, Survey Finds

New surveys have found that those in the veterinary practice find themselves to be more efficient and productive thanks to computing and communication devices.

A new survey indicates that veterinary professionals—veterinarians, practice managers, veterinary technicians, veterinary students and veterinary technician students—believe that they are more productive because of computing and communications devices.

Eighty-eight percent of veterinarians said the Internet enhances their ability to access the latest science and research, according to a Digital Clinic Study conducted by public relations company Fleishman-Hillard in cooperation with the American Veterinary Medical Assn. and the American Animal Hospital Assn.

In addition, 64 percent said the Internet makes their practice more efficient, and 61 percent said the Internet helps them provide better care for animals.

However, only 43 percent said the Internet helps them communicate with their clients and just 32 percent said the Internet makes their practice more profitable, according to the survey.

Over the past six months, 86 percent of respondents had visited a veterinary association or organization website; 76 percent had visited a veterinary school or research organization website; and 70 percent had visited a veterinary clinic or animal hospital website.

Other veterinary topics included online continuing education (68 percent), animal nutrition (64 percent), toxicology and poisoning (59 percent), zoonoses (58 percent), veterinary diagnostic databases (54 percent), animal behavior and training (52 percent), employment opportunities (50 percent), therapeutic and wellness pet food diets (48 percent), animal oncology (36 percent), local clinic service offerings and prices (33 percent), integrative medicine (29 percent) and animal genetics (24 percent).

The online survey was conducted in December and included more than 2,000 veterinary professionals.

Percentage of veterinarians who have visited the following types of websites in the past six months.

The survey asked, “Over the past six months, have you visited websites for information on the following topics?”(Percent responding “yes”)

Veterinary association / organization website: 86%

Vet school / research organization: 76%

Vet clinic / animal hospital: 70%

Online continuing education: 68%

Animal nutrition: 64%

Toxicology and poisoning: 59%

Zoonoses: 58%

Veterinary diagnostic databases: 54%

Animal behavior and training: 52%

Employment opportunities: 50%

Therapeutic / wellness pet food diets: 48%

Animal oncology: 36%

Local clinic service offerings / prices: 33%

Integrative medicine: 29%

Animal genetics: 24%

Source: Fleishman-Hillard


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