CSU to celebrate opening of new Lucy Oncology Clinic

The hospital unit is part of the James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital

This Thursday, Colorado State University is celebrating the opening of the expanded and improved hospital unit in the James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital, called the Lucy Oncology Unit​. The teaching hospital is part of the  Flint Animal Cancer Center, renowned for its work in providing care for animal patients, with findings that can be used to improve cancer care for both people and pets.

The Lucy Oncology Clinic was named after a Rottweiler patient named Lucy, who was treated  at CSU. The cost of the renovation was $1.75 million, and a large part of that was paid with by donations from Lucky’s owner, Jeffery Neu. Along with his brother Robert, they gave a gift of $1.5 million. Other donations 

According to the CSU website, “The renovation is the largest clinical service upgrade to date.” With the field of veterinary medicine changing rapidly, more advanced facilities are needed to train veterinary students and provide top-notch care that many pet owners want for their animals. As CSU writes, “The oncology remodel is notable for consolidating aspects of patient examination and treatment that earlier were scattered through the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The Lucy Oncology Clinic enhances efficiencies and communication while providing technological updates that improve patient and staff comfort, such as soundproofing and tunable LED lighting, which mimics sun path.”

The renovation is an important milestone, said Dr. Rodney Page, a medical oncologist and director of CSU’s Flint Animal Cancer Center. “We are incredibly grateful for all of our friends whose donations have made this renovation possible for the benefit of thousands of companion animal patients that visit us every year.”  

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