Considering selling? Ask yourself these 6 questions.

All across Canada, outstanding veterinary hospitals can be found nestled into their local communities.

All across Canada, outstanding veterinary hospitals can be found nestled into their local communities. Each one has its own history and unique characteristics, yet they all have one thing in common—their doctors and staff are driven by a passion for serving area pets and their families.

Building a successful veterinary practice takes dedication. Long days, and often longer nights, fuel a valuable reputation for excellence. When a beloved pet needs care, the pressure is on to comfort everyone who walks through the practice door, on four legs or two.

Is it hard to imagine handing over the reins on a business this personal? That’s a big question that we think about every day.

We recognize that business circumstances vary. Where one doctor may be looking for ways to expand a hospital’s capabilities, another may be ready to move on to another chapter in life. That’s why we offer a range of partnership options. Whether you want to remain involved a lot, a little, or place your practice completely in the care of someone you can trust, we’re here to help with what’s next.

Is now the time for a change? And in what direction? Consider these six questions as you pursue new possibilities.


Am I spending my days the way I want to?

Through the years, your time may have slowly shifted from healing pets to processing paperwork. Would you like to hand off administration duties and get back to more hours for patient care or surgery? We have specialized teams to handle your HR, accounting and more.

Or perhaps after a rich and fulfilling career in veterinary medicine, you’re ready to spend more time traveling, enjoying family or discovering new interests.

Do you still enjoy time at the hospital, while craving extra hours to pursue hobbies? Crafting a 3-day work schedule might make your dreams come true.

Our flexible options let you set your own terms and choose your involvement. You’ve worked too hard to let life happen around you. It’s time to step back and care for yourself as thoughtfully as you’ve cared for so many pets.


Do I still have unrealized dreams for my practice?

Some owners are surprised to learn that finding the right partner can launch exciting new growth opportunities. Together we can expand or update your space, even adding new specialties. Perhaps you’ve wanted to upgrade your technology for advanced diagnostic or treatment options. Or your goals may include leaving a strong legacy of training and mentorship, uplifting veterinary care for the larger community.

We work closely with each practice, listening carefully to support your individual needs. Joining our network of hospitals opens the door to a world of shared ideas and key learnings.


Is my team bogged down with administrative duties? Am I?

All too often, paperwork and administrative duties take time away from what you and your staff love most – working with pets. We take pride in our local Canadian support services, and in the time we give back to you for practicing medicine or enjoying much-deserved downtime. Too many doctors experience burnout, not from patients, but from using personal time to recruit talent, research admin software or handle HR tasks. We alleviate that burden while keeping you involved at the level you choose.


Who else would need to weigh in on my decision to sell?

So, you have a business partner. Maybe two, or more. Does that mean you can’t make a move based on your own goals? When doctors build a practice together, they’re also building a bond of trust and respect. Deciding to break away from that team can be an emotional choice.

We tailor terms to meet the unique needs of your practice through personalized deal structures. The next chapter can bring positive change for everyone.


Am I concerned how selling will impact my team and clients?

Your practice has a culture all its own. The feeling people get when they walk through your door is an intangible yet invaluable aspect of what you’ve built. It drives loyalty from both your staff and the families you serve.

We recognize the importance of maintaining the standards and personal details that make your clinic stand out. Our track record shows that we believe in keeping everything that got you where you are—even your practice name—while collaborating on where you’d like to see growth, from new medical equipment to the latest scheduling software.


What does an ideal partnership look like for me? 

The right partner will, first and foremost, listen to you and the story/legacy of your practice. You want a partner who will personalize options to improve your short and long term financial, personal, and professional well-being.

The right partner also elevates the current state of your practice in every facet to allow you to focus on what you care about most – being a veterinarian and caring for animals – all while setting you up for a promising future and unlocking the full potential of your practice.


More questions? We’re here to talk possibilities. Confidentially.

You may be ready to act or are only starting to explore options. We’re available to talk through questions you have and discuss a selling option that perfectly suits your circumstances. You might be surprised to learn that you can have it all; everyone can win.

Our company was founded by a veterinarian with a vision for a doctor-friendly network of care. Providing the best outcomes for pets and their families while fostering happy, healthy work environments drives everything we do. Once you talk with us at NVA Canada, we believe you’ll breathe easier at the thought of making a change.

You’ve worked hard to create something special. We have a history of respecting and growing the legacy of passionate doctors like you. Talk with your family and friends about what you want for the next stage of your life and career, then take a moment to talk with us.


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