ChemNutra Calls For Pet Food Ingredients Safety Summit

ChemNutra has called for a national Pet Food Ingredients Safety Summit.

The summit, which is for ingredients importers, analysis laboratories and manufacturers, aims to begin drafting import standards and specifications for pet food ingredients, not only from China, but from around the world.

The conference is tentatively scheduled for July 14 in Las Vegas.

“We are not trying to in any way supersede or interfere with the government agencies who will also, we’re sure, be establishing new protocols,” says Steve Miller, chief executive officer of ChemNutra.

“Rather, we seek to move for self-improvement at the quickest possible pace, even while new rules or legislation are being considered.”

He says the meeting’s purpose is to establish a process for collectively drafting new testing and import standards for pet foods and to discern the industry’s interest in establishing a new trade association with the mission to ensure the safety of pet food ingredients and pet food.


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