BluePearl Veterinary Partners Joins Bequest Program

BluePearl Veterinary Partners have teamed up with Frankie’s Friends Charitable Pet Foundation in the search to find the cure for pet cancer.

BluePearl Veterinary Partners has joined the Bequest affinity program to help Frankie’s Friends Charitable Pet Foundation find a cure for pet cancer.

Atlanta-based Veracity Payment Solutions, which developed the Bequest program, will donate a portion of every dollar processed in the BluePearl Veterinary Partners’ community to Frankie’s Friends. Funds are donated electronically from the point of sale terminal.

BluePearl Veterinary Partners will launch the Bequest program in Tampa, Brandon and Clearwater, Fla., as well as its Kansas City, Minneapolis and New York City locations.

Frankie’s Friends has launched Cure Canine Lymphoma, a national program to address lymphoma cancer in dogs.

“The program’s goals are to raise public awareness of the successful early treatment of this disease, to underwrite the costs of treatment for financially qualified families and to provide free or heavily subsidized care for dogs enrolled in approved clinical programs of promising new treatments,” said Bonita Voiland, executive director of the nonprofit foundation.

Bequest was launched to provide veterinarians access to on-demand grants for families who cannot afford the full cost of their pet’s health care. These grants can offset some of the pro bono services that veterinarians may offer, including vaccinations, spay and neutering, emergency procedures, laboratory work and preventive care, according to Veracity.

As a participating program member, veterinary clinics have the option of allocating grant funding to their own practice or another pet related foundation of their choice. Local participating businesses, such as pet stores, can also contribute to the grant fund on the clinic’s behalf. Veracity will earmark their donated funds to the clinic’s grant fund.


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