Banfield Mobile Unit To Aid In Southern California Fires

Banfield’s mobile emergency pet hospital is readying itself to aid any and all pet emergencies caused by the Southern California wildfires.

Continuous smoke from one of 17 southern California wildfires

Banfield’s mobile emergency pet hospital is getting ready to assist with pet emergencies related to the fires taking place in Southern California. An exact location where the mobile unit will be set up has not yet been released.

The 32-foot-long hospital trailer will be staffed by two veterinarians and three veterinary technicians and will contain a surgical suite, treatment area and 10 kennels.

As of Wednesday, all of Banfield’s hospital team in the greater San Diego area had been accounted for. Although some Banfield pet hospitals are closed temporarily due to weather conditions, including smoke and ash, the hospitals are currently safe from immediate paths of the fires, according to a Banfield spokesman.

Should Banfield hospitals have to close, answering machines will indicate area emergency pet hospitals where clients can seek immediate assistance.

All Banfield California team members have received preparedness and evacuation procedures in the event that evacuation should become necessary.

Banfield of San Diego is currently housing several cats from the Helen Woodward Animal Center, a nonprofit organization that provides care and adoption for animals as well as educational programs for people.

In related news, PetSmart Charities has dispatched two trailers to San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium. Each Emergency Relief Waggin’ trailer contains enough pet products, food and supplies to support up to 500 companion animals.

The nonprofit organization is also raising funds to be distributed to organizations serving the areas most affected. Emergency relief funding will help fulfill the needs for medical supplies, vaccinations, food, crates, litter, beds and blankets.


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