AAHA Freezes Helping Pets Fund

A recent financial bind has forced the AAHA to halt the flow of grants into the Helping Pets Fund.

The American Animal Hospital Assn. Foundation has temporarily suspended grants from the Helping Pets Fund because of a financial crunch.

Grant requests have nearly tripled since November, so the disbursement was faster than anticipated, according to the foundation.

“By temporarily suspending the grants, we will help provide long-term stability for the AAHA Helping Pets Fund,” said Kate Crumley, DVM, chairwoman of the foundation's board of trustees. “We remain steadfast in our belief that thousands of pets will benefit in the future from this short-term stoppage.”

The foundation expects to resume grants in July, or sooner with adequate financial support.

“We have ambitious goals to grow the Helping Pets Fund in order to help more pets in need of health care,” Dr. Crumley said. “All donations are greatly appreciated and will help meet the growing demand.”

Since its inception in 2005, the AAHA Helping Pets Fund has awarded more than $800,000 to help more than 3,000 pets receive veterinary care.

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